Open In VM doesn't work (but Open In DisposableVM does)

Using the Thunar file manager in Debian 12.

If I right click on a file, I am given the options to Copy to VM, Move to VM, Open In VM, Edit in DisposableVM, and View in DisposableVM.

The last three seem to all be controlled by the OpenInVM policy. But only the last two work. Open In VM throws a denied policy error, while the other two display a list of disposable VMs I can send the file to. Surely the policy behavior should be the same for all three? (I even temporarily removed all OpenInVM policy lines from both 30-user and 90-user in order to force Edit in DisposableVM to fail, and got EXACTLY the same policy denied error message from it (not a different one) that I get for OpenInVM. So i KNOW they should all be controlled by the same policy lines.)

(Oh and by the way, it’d be nice if this were triggered by Open (for attachments) in Thunderbird, instead of having to save the file to disk then open the file manager. Opening URLs in a disposable browser qube works, which indicates to me that qubes-thunderbird is properly installed.)

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It works for me in qube based in default debian-12-xfce template without changes and in Whonix qube.
Maybe you’ve changed something in the template?