"Open in Diposable Qube" got corrupted

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@surf opening up a support discussion on this. What do you mean by “got corrupted”? Does it print an error message?

Did you (re-)select a default Disposable VM in the qube manager options after you restored your system from backups?

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Yes, I did. Occasionally, I change the default disp Template for VMs as some have applications the other templates don’t. ( a sort of silloed approach to disp VM because of applications).

So the selection of default DspVM affects the conversion of pdfs to trusted pdfs?

Or are you saying, I should reconfigure my templates/domains from scratch? That’s would be the long way to fix the issue, but surely the best.

Actually, the OS did not recognize the printer. I assumed the USB I used to restore my backups was corrupted because, I assumed a fresh install would fix any config issues and any issues I encountered after the install would have been due to the backedup VMs. Somehow, some of my networking VM might have been affected but identifying the specific issue is hard.
So, I’ll just start re-configuring my VMs from scratch. This time, I’ll pay more attention to the firewall VM and block any ports I’m unsure of. I suppose, a lot of it has to do with the multiple applications I installed in the template VM. That’s my fault, I should have payed more attention to that while installing them.