Only domain0 sarts on new 4.2 install on framework 13 ryen 7 system

Hi guys,

I’ve done a fresh install of qubes on an empty system. I thought this system would be relativley compatible, but there seems to be a lot of issues.

I did have to set nomodeset=0 for it to boot properly after install and the trackpad doesnt work, but thise arent big deals.

On boot it takes roguhly two minutes after grub2 to ask for the hard drive password. Once i provide that it seems to proceed normally but it does not seem able to start any of the service qubes: sys-net, sys-usb, sys-firewall, sys-whoonix. When it timesout waiting for them and allows me to login to domain0 im able to bring up a terminal and try to start my service or personal vms using qvm but i always get a libxen error. I checked /proc/cpuinfo to see if virtualization is enabled, but the svm flag seemed to be missing from the file. But in the bios system(insyde), i cant seem to find any setting to turn it on. Also i checked the log file qvm indicates and it has some error messages about pci devices not being ready. Neither networking or usb is working for me so i took some pics of what was happning. Anyone have any idea what I should try next?

Only able to upload one pic per post.
The libxen error is:

Start failed: internal error: libxen failed to create new domain ‘sys-net’