Only 4 out of 8 GB RAM recognized

Only 4 out of 8 GB of RAM is recognized by Qubes (laptop originally came with 4, I later added another 4 GB). This basically makes it impossible to use Qubes.
Is there anybody who could help me out?
Kind regards

Why do you think only 4 GB is recognized by Qubes? When you run xentop in dom0, what does it show in the third row, just after Mem:?

Perhaps you are seeing the memory assinged to dom0, which is at most 4GB by default.

I can see how much ram each Qube is using and it cannot exceed 4 GB. Dom0, sys-firewall, sys-net, sys-usb and sys-whonix are running by default. I start at most 1 other VM, if I try to start another one I get the message that there is not enough memory.

I’ve installed the extra RAM myself somehow it’s not being recognized by the system. Do you have any idea how I can fix this?

OK I’m such an idiot apparently I removed the extra memory stick last year :flushed:
apologies for wasting your precious time

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