One-time Named DisposableVM?!

Have you ever wondered what happens if you clone a running DisposableVM?

We’ll I tried and the results were interesting: it gets us a named one-time disposableVM. (I guess it makes sense). Basically it shows in your applications menu with the name you chose. Then you can start it, but only really run it once. After that it disappears from the applications menu.

I haven’t come up with a good use-case for this. But maybe it could be interesting for someone here.

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Is the named VM fully removed from everywhere leaving no traces after you close it? Not to ensure privacy (although would be good, too), but in the sense of avoiding bugs.

I was now checking qvm-prefs and it seems the only difference is the auto_cleanup is set to true. I didn’t know about this property, make it is quite nice.

Reading from the developer docs:

automatically remove this VM upon shutdown

I don’t think so. Is should as forensically unsafe as regular disposableVMs