One qube constantly freezes after I start some task

So I have this behavior for half year.
Mostly happens with Firefox and Intellj.

I open new tab and the fan start to be noisy , all ui in the qube starts slow and then freeses completely. Sometimes if wait like 40mins , it unfreses. In jetbrains smt when I open it after long time and it start indexing or during java coompilation.

Pattern always the same 20+% cpu dom0, left on my “arbeit” qube.

I run other heavy task i saw “arbeit” like 90% cpu without freezing.

!!! If it stack it’s not possible to kill even from dom0 console. The qube just get unresponsive.

And I cant see what consume so much cpu on dom0 either

It just got freesed again , and i am furriously type it from my phone

Have you tried increasing the amount of memory and/or vCPUs available to the qube? You can open the qube settings by right-clicking on it in the .“Qube Manager” application and then go to the “Advanced” tab. If the “Max Memory” field is editable then memory is probably not the problem, unless your computer has a small amount of physical RAM. If you increase the CPU count, I wouldn’t increase it to the maximum - just try adding 1 or 2 and see if that makes a difference.

Thank you for a quick response!

It’s my principle qube which I use 99% of time.
I gave absolute priority by resources to it.

Used to there were problems with memory though :thinking:
Applications crashed, but it dissaperead maybe in the same time when I started to have CPU problem (or i am imagining it :unicorn::brain:). Crashes mostly happened with intelljs.

I will give 13gb of memory to it. As i have 16.

You can open a terminal in your arbeit qube and run this command there:

watch -n 1 free -m

Then when it freezes again check the last displayed amount of free and used memory in the terminal.
This way you can check if it is a problem with the lack of memory.

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Yes. It’s for memory

Thank you! I used your command and then opened so many apps till it freezes

I am thinking how could I make that instead of freezing it would crash as I had it before?


how could I connect to that qube and kill some tasks manually? because qvm-run can’t connect

Maybe configure OOM killer:

You can try to connect to qube console with:

qvm-console-dispvm vmname

In dom0 terminal but I’m not sure if it’ll work.