Oh man just wasted some time.... a small suggestion add a reminer function... like in the support documentation

o so the other day i updated the whonix vm and… pathed my secure system as per usual… (to clarify obviously not all of my vm’s run on tor just secure few…)
and everything worked well until today when i opened my windows hvm to find that i have no networking the whonix vm got stuck (not sys whonix but next in line)anyway so i started troubleshooting it failed to restart and diden’t respond for a couple of seconds logs diden’t show anything abnormal
and the worse that happened was that trying to restart the connection got me stuck on 10%

anyway so here i am getting a drink and thinking about asking the forum for support and i noticed that after a small delay i connected to tor… so i tried again…

and guess what…
nothing… no network
but just in case i chked my config and yup my ipv4 settings were on default dynamic ip

wasted good 15 minutes of my life on this hhh

anyway works now

i’m just thinking maybe it’s a good idea to add like sorta… “reminders” in the help documentation for people that if suddenly things stop working check x check y check what’s different
and to note that some times in hvm’s network config might reset…

i mean idk i never experienced it before
with windows and defiantly not linux

i mean sometimes windows updates can reset and cause lots of issues but i never had the network config wiped…

just saying…
interesting… and it’s allways the obvious things

because seriously as i’m getting used to qubes i like it more and more

one of the reasons i’ve been having such a easy time adjusting is because the documentation is great
and i do think it’s a good idea to expend on such areas where usually there’s not much work put into

in this case there is and that’s great
but there can allways be better…

(and i mean a specially when for everything you have to do u need to configure or write a command to copy paste or… well u get what i mean)

i’ve been thinking maybe to hire a freelancer or something to look a bit into the matter and write more documentation (personally i do prefer contributing in a more active way then just dumping money on projects we all know how that usually ends up…
(i guess i don’t have to mention recent news stories about governments spending millions on tents for the homeless or 400 million per prisoner)
so idk…)
do u think it’s a good idea to expend on the matter

i’d love to see more people adopting qubes and maybe more documentation would help idk

anyway it can be fun to look at things in such a retrospect but yeah…

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