Odd Qubes Update behavior

Taskbar Icon indicating Updates for two fedora 38 templates but i decided to open up Qubes Manager and right click > Update on each template with the result that no updates were found and both these templates lost the update indicating icon in Qubes Manager.
This was odd.

I still had the Qubes Update window open where these two templates were listed and decided to see what will happen when i try to update them. Details checked and i see kernel upgrade and other stuff being done.

Why would this happen?

Qubes global Settings has Dom0 update qube as sys-whonix. Though i witnessed that since few Months manual updates through qubes manager > update usually go faster then through the taskbar qubes update gui.
I did contribute the tor speed increase in the last months due to the crypto earning hardware project that brought many more exit nodes to germany but always wanted to ask why the taskbar updater behaved so slow compared to manual template update through qubes manager.

Well now i have two question, what is the difference between qubes manager updates and qubes update gui regarding found / not found updates and why is there a download speed difference between these two?