Occasional freezing when using Qubes

So I’m new to Qubes OS, and I just installed it about a week ago (and I’m not sure if what I am experiencing would be normal for Qubes?)
My system freezes often when I play around with the memory allocation or vCPU allocation (like changing the memory from 4gb to 6 for a qube) and often takes a couple of minutes to un-freeze. It’s not really as big of an issue/as severe as other mentioned issues similar to this one, but I would like to try to fix it.

Pc specs:
CPU: Intel i9 12900K
GPU: Radeon RX 570
Motherboard: Asrock z960m atx/itx
32g ram

I think that the graphics card may be the culprit, considering that I switched to it bc my nvidia gpu couldn’t run Qubes. Previously ran on windows just fine.

I checked the software compatibility list, and it doesn’t appear others with an rx 570 have had similar issues. If there is something else that I can specify on I would be glad to provide it.


Check the journalctl in dom0 at freeze/unfreeze time and see if there are any relevant messages there.

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