OBS studio not opening on one of my app-vm qubes anymore

OBS studio was running normally on one of my app-vm qubes, suddenly it freezes and then it doesn’t run anymore. I tried many things such as restarting the qube, purging obsstudio in the debian-11 template then installing again, and restarting my computer. nothing worked. OBS studio simply doesnt run anymore when I try to open it on that qube, but it does opens in the debian-11 template normally. How could I solve that problem?

Only OBS studio doesn’t start in this qube or any other apps (e.g. Terminal) as well?

only OBS Studio, the other apps run normally. And OBS starts in all the other qubes that are also from the debian-11 template, even in the debian-11 template as well, but just doesn’t start on that particular qube.

Try to start OBS from terminal and see if there will be some debug output with errors. You can also check the log with journalctl.