Obfs3 in qubes-vpn-suport?

Hello, thanks for reading

My problem: I need to use obfs3 proxy with my VPN.

I’ve searched and tried a lot of workarounds but I am afraid that in such process of trial and error I might break the VM lock-down state. How can I make it work with qubes-vpn-support?

Any non-official fix/workaround is welcome.

Thank you.

Well, I cannot help you with this specific problem but since “[…] Obfs3 is not supported anymore.” You can look for “non-standard” VPN / Tor alternatives like:

Thanks, but in my country, for now obfs3 is the only way to get out through openvpn. I managed to get it working on Qubes 3.2 with this VPN setup (Set up a ProxyVM as a VPN gateway using iptables and CLI scripts): https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/vpn/

But I’d prefer to stick with @tasket VPN setup, I really love it.

Right now, I just moved to Qubes R4.0.3 and trying to improve my setup.
Perhaps, answers in here will serve other people from vpn filtered countries.

Hi, @tasket

I know you are busy man, could you just tell me where in your script should I attempt to modify or any ideas in general?

The weekend is closing, and I am inviting a few friends over some beers to find a solution.

Thank you.