NVMe SSD with VM pool disconnects after a while of usage (missing from block devices)

I am having a weird issue. I added a new pool for VMs yesterday and it uses a small SSD. Everything went fine, LUKS was setup nicely and after boot the pool works fine.

I have had a VM running in that pool for a while and twice now, suddenly, the pool becomes unavailable. I now checked and looks like the entire SSD is missing from the list of block devices. Does anyone have any idea why this could happen? A reboot makes the pool available again.

Can you check dmesg? Run the following command in dom0

sudo dmesg | grep -v audit

Thank you for the reply. Would I be looking at anything possibly related there?

I basically just decided to abandon the issue by decommissioning the SSD considering it’s old and may be failing. There did not seem to be any loss of data after it happened though.

I’ll keep your advice in mind if I stumble upon this issue again.