NVME Firecuda 530 1TB w/ Encryption runs at 10% or upto 50% advertised speeds


MUCH appreciation to this community & its developers for making & supporting this OS

With that being said - going crazy on the following:
(a) Installed 4.1.1 (10% nvme speeds via kdiskmark & hdparm tests) when fully/default encryption is setup with the OS
(b) also tried 4.1.2 rc1 ((50% nvme speeds via kdiskmark & hdparm tests))
(c) ONLY when the QubesOS install is done on a BRAND NEW Firecuda 530 1TB with default encryption unchecked/OFF then do I see kdiskmark speeds that match say 95% advertised read/write speeds - I know this is an encryption issue - what are my options?

Help - is there a post install encryption tuning guide that I should be using? How tunable is the encryption post install? How compromised is the system to run it without the default encryption?

Thanks in advance!