NVME boot probs

I have 2 nvme drives inside a desktop. Regular linux distros can install/boot on either nvme drive just fine. Qubes on both drives did not show up in bios or boot order list (in bios). Moreover, i put Qubes on one drive, fedora on the other drive, and both would show up in the boot menu, until I reinstalled fedora on the fedora drive, and then Qubes disappeared from the boot menu again.

Anyone use 2 seperate hard drives, and have Qubes installed on each drive? Anyone use 2 seperate hard drives, one for Qubes and one for reg linux distros?

I take it that Qubes does not work well with another bootable drive? Yes, I understand that one can just load whatever os on Qubes, but some things work with kvm/ QEMU that do not easily load on Qubes, so I just wanted the flexibility.

At the moment I have Qubes installed on one drive, and nothing installed on the other nvme drive. I do not want to make things complicated, and it seems that Qubes installs on one hard drive conflicts with an os on another separate drive. It must write conflicting things to the bios or more likely the UEFI ? NO problem if that is the case. But I have Qubes on one drive, should I just remove the other drive and not try to run a separate bootabale os on the other drive? I would like to install Qubes on both drives even and use one for testing. Any thoughts? Maybe just one drive per Qubes machine is what is intended? Any input would be appreciated, just starting to learn Qubes, and i will still be studying it weeks from now. Gotta start somewhere, and this question is where i start.