Nvidia Split Hypotheisis

I have only an nvidia gpu and i’m using nouvaeu drivers
i plan on installing the proprietary spyware /satire driver.
I want to know, if split-pgp and split-ssh exist would being able to share the nvidia driver from dom0 to a seperate vm be a thing and work? I would like to use my hardware on qubes for a gaming vm and a video editing one aswell.

there was a talk about sharing GPU through an interesting mechanism at Xen Project summit 2024


im trying to figure out a way that would have something like light work well, this was the closest thing i could think of
if i cannot get gpu acceleration outside of dom0 then having something like split-ssh where it asks to use it was something that might have worked, but after watching a little bit of the summit VODs, yea no, it wouldn’t be supported yet unfortunately

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