Nvidia GPU driver

I’ve been reading a lot about the GPU support in QubesOS but I couldn’t get a definitive answer, from what I undrenstand you can install Nvidia GPU driver into Dom0, but my goal is to run the gpu inside Windows or any other VM that I have
Is that possible?
note that I don’t care about the security risks of doing that as this PC is just playground

Yes, this should be possible. You need to go into the Qubes editor and add your PCIE device (GPU) to your Qube. It has been a while since I have tried doing this, but last time I tried I remember their being an issue where the GPU could only use 4GB of VRAM.

ALSO THIS IS IMPORTANT: Do not set your windows Qube to start when the main OS starts up, if you mess up the PCIE config the system will crash… and if the Qube boots on startup the system will crash on startup.

You are going to need a display adapter attached to dom0, which is why you typically need two display adapters to do GPU pass-through.

It might work if you have a card that supports virtualization, like the Quadro cards, but most cards just stop working if you try to load the nvidia driver with xen.

Nvidia drivers in dom0 still works? (need to get a GTX 1070 off the ground)

When I tried to compile/install the nvidia driver, I got the same “Failed to allocate sofware rendering cache surface: out of memory” error. This seems to error related to loading the driver with xen, and the official nvidia response was the xen isn’t supported.

@renehoj @Cpotts
Thanks, to be clear I have a laptop so can I use the already integrated nvidia GPU without external GPU enclosure?

I don’t think that is going to work, not without an external adapter.

You can try connecting the internal graphics to dom0 and the GPU to a HVM running Windows, but the laptop most likely just reboots when you turn in the Windows qube. On laptops the both the GPU and internal graphics are connected on the hardware level, you normally can’t use them as two independent devices.

Yes, I my past experience with Qubes is with a laptop as well. Word of warning though, if you are going to assign your dedicated GPU to a vm, make sure your CPU has integrated graphics˙

How did you end up doing it? I have a laptop with Intel Integrated graphics as well as a Dedicated GPU. I wonder if the only thing preventing me from using it is ensuring nothing else is also trying to use it (e.g. QubesOS using it for any service or window) but each time I try to start my VM the laptop crashes and restarts. It sounds like some people are able to get it to work so there must be a way to do it, that’s why I want to know what you did