Nvidia GPU Discrete Graphics card

I just started Qubes OS and really fall in love with it. Everything works like breeze vpn tor. This really helps me to consolidate all my multi boot and multiple laptop usage.

I cannot find one clear tutorial for GPU Support. There are discussion about pass-through GPU which needs separate display to attach with it. so I am not in favor of it.

I need a simple solution like shared GPU with the appVM. My usecase is mostly like data analysis and sometimes on hash calculation where GPU is best suited.

When I try to attach a HVM with Nvidia in Devices, it crashes the whole OS and reboot the system when I start the Qube.

Can Someone help me with this.
Lenovo P14 Gen 2.
NVIDIA RTX A2000 Laptop GPU Discrete 4GB GDDR6

I’d start from checking if in BIOS “Discrete” is set. If so, it’ll crash of course.

Check out this post of mine: (I managed to run an nvidia 4090 in an HVM). But my setup was a bit different than yours so it might not work.

I had luck with Manjaro booted with proprietary Nvidia graphics and then integrated with the Qubes tools. I’ll make a guide on it once it’s stabilized.

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