Numbers Lock for keyboard does not work

I click the checkbox for numbers lock for the 105 key keyboard so that it is turned on when I boot. It does not seem to work for me.

Are you using KDE? If so, head into the system settings then to Input Devices, and, at last, the Keyboard section has a NumLock On PS. Turn that on and apply.

Hi HPOA909

I am using xFce desktop environment and I have checkmarked the keyboard setting " Restore num lock on startup" . Even after doing this I have to manual set the num lock after I boot my system.

Did you automatically attach most of your keyboard and mouse to the DOM0?

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My situation is that I am using a usb keyboard/mouse interface with my computer. My Cube computer is a standalone that has no other OS on its drives. I do use a device that allows me to share the keyboard /mouse with my separate Windows computer. As far as automatically attaching itself to DOM0 the only thing I could add about the question is I have not changed the default installtion setup related to how the keyboard/mouse is attached to DOM0. The only thing I have changed is the check box that I previously noted in my earlier posts. Hope this explains a little more of my situation related to my issue.

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