NOTSET's services status

Information about NOTSET servers and status.

CI runners (framboise, fraise and cerise), openQA runners (groseille and myrtille), retrieving latest ISOs from, are unreachable.

For people who want to try latest builds, you may want to try to download ISOs in directly.


Things should be back to the normal now.


I’ve got another ISP failure probably similar to last time reason: some people have fun in destroying fiber optical node in the city. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Ok things should be up. We have also worked with Marek to relocate some other services on VPS like the service handling the CI between GitHub to GitLab.


I’m turning this page by providing status for all the services using comments directly.

FYI, NOTSET services will be mostly unavailable from 10 to 24 July.

ISP down again due to failing hardware. Not expecting status back to the normal before minimum a week.

Until this incident would be closed, I’m already announcing a complete shutdown the 26th August and for an undetermined period. Possibly not more than a month. This is due to moving my infrastructure into a new location without an ISP for now.

I’m happy to announce that everything is back to normal!