Notifications and camera issues

Hello everyone,

I currently have an issue with OS Notifications no longer work (VM starting, shutdown, etc.) and when testing the Notification configuration, the system freezes for about half a minute and displays an error in the config window. Notifications from applications (like new chat message) work though.

Does anybody have experience with this kind of behavior? Might have something to do with installing (but not actually using or having configured) KDE in dom0.

Additionally, when attaching my laptop’s webcam to a VM I often run into an issue with the VM losing access to the camera. The camera itself seems to still be active, as indicated by its status light, but the applications of the VM can no longer use it. Sometimes reattaching works, sometimes restarting sys-usb is required and sometimes nothing but rebooting works.
I might be notified about an issue, but as seen above notifications don’t work. Is there a log where I can check for problems?

Thanks to anyone answering, appreciate your time!

Hi @laser-brain. Unfortunately I haven’t experience this yet, but I’d suggest you open a separate thread for the camera issue so the conversations don’t get mixed up and for making it easier for others to find if they have a similar problem