"Not Enough Memory To Start Domain" - High Memory VM Unable to Boot

I have been attempting installation/setup of Windows 10.
I have made attempts using multiple sets of instructions via these pages:

The issue I end up dealing with is when the Win10 VM attempts to start I am met with the message:

"Domain Win10 has failed to start: Not enough memory to start domain “Win10”

The “Win10” VM ends up using 4096+ MB Initial Memory for the second guide, and the first guide assigns even more Initial Memory to the VM I believe.

I cannot lessen the memory of the VM, as it needs to be set at the current sizes. So what can I do to solve this issue?
I can provide any logs needed, just please inform me what command to run.

Reduce your memory usage by shutting down unused VMs or setting their maximum memory to a lower value?
Or buy some more RAM…