Not bootable after freeze/reset during dom0 update

Since I updated from 4.0 to 4.1 in August last year, I’ve had random gui freezes with no possibility to recover, I just have to hard reset the machine every time (I’ve had 4 such freezes trying to write this on a stock new Qubes install, but that’s another story…) I had a freeze a few days ago while dom0 was updating and hard reset, now upon reboot I just the blank grub prompt (grub>).

The rescue tool finds my root partition and decrypts but doesn’t mount with error message “You don’t have any Linux Partitions”. No problem, I can mount boot and / partitions, lvm lvscan shows all my appvms etc. and all are ACTIVE, efibootmgr shows I still have Qubes OS boot entry.

So it should be simple rebuild of grub right? I’ve tried sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/Qubes/grub.cfg but I still end up at the grub prompt. How do I rebuild my boot system when the main system seems to be intact? Is it possible to run qubes-dom0-update via a chroot from the rescue disk?

Thanks for any advice/assistance.

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So I tried this thinking it would boot my old Qubes root partition from a new install, but no dice - Unable to boot into Qubes - #13 by syspacket

I’m going to start manually extracting my files from my mounted appvms soon, can anyone can offer advice how I’d get myself out of this mess?