Non-clickable area beyond full HD resolution


I have a multi-monitor setup. If I use an external display with a resolution above 1920x1080, initially the VMs operate normally, but after some time, (after disconnect/reconnect suspend/resume unknown sequence of events etc) only the FHD area from top left of the screen remains clickable.

Dom0 operates normally, this behavior occurs on the VMs (although the vms can maximize etc, their content is not clickable beyond 1920x1080).

Any ideas?


Thanks for the link.

In my case I have three displays, at most 3 columns and 2 rows.

$ echo $(((1920+1920+2560)*(1440+1080)*4/1024))
$ qvm-features dom0 gui-videoram-min 63000
$ qvm-features dom0 gui-videoram-overhead 0

So this is the recommended configuration. I am happy to optimize this.

However, this did not help with the non-clickable regions beyond FHD.

To elaborate more,
This behavior appears to be vm specific, that it might happen on one VM whilst not happen on some other VM. So it might be related to the VM content mapping at the gui level?

If I click a point at x=2560, then the VM’s x=1920 gets clicked.

So not a truely non-clickable region, but in fact VM content is restricted to 1920x1080, click-wise. The content can display beyond FHD.

Did you restart qubes after changing videoram configuration?

Is this issue only happens for specific apps or for all apps in the qube?
Do you have the same template for the qubes that are working fine and for ones that have this issue?

Yes, I restarted the qubes and the qubes os itself.

This happens for all the apps in the affected qube.
Some qubes do not get affected.

I have observed that it is template agnostic. It all appeared on fedora-39 fedora-39-xfce fedora-40 fedora-40-xfce, debian-12 (unstable)

The external display setup is through a USB dock. Sometimes it takes a bit to initialize the screens, I am not sure if this affects some initialization timings within some qubes subsystem. (It might be totally irrelevant.)

I think it’s better to find out what’s different between affected and not affected qubes to narrow down the issue.