No Wifi shown in Networkmanager

Dear Qubes forum members

I’m writing to ask for your advice for my wifi connection problem noted above.

In my network manager wifi is not shown.
I installed NetworkManager-wifi with “dnf install networkmanager-wifi” but it makes no difference.

I would greatly appreciate it if I could hear your advice.

Thank you for your time.



More information.
What machine?
What WiFi connector?
What device have you attached to sys-net?
What template used for sys-net?

This could be something as simple as having hardware switch off, or not
having drivers installed in sys-net.


Thanks unman for your reply.

I’m trying it with my sys-net VM of fedora-32.

I just installed Qubes and it didn’t have wifi by default.

My wifi works coz my windows with same HP laptop has wifi connection.

You didn’t answer this question:
What device have you attached to sys-net?

Go in to Qube Manager, open settings for sys-net, go to Devices Tab, and
look to see which Network Controller is under “Selected”
Also, look under “Available” for Ethernet and Network controllers.

Devices are; Ethernet Controller: Intel corporation (6) I219-LM and Network controller: Intel Corporation.
How do I see what’s available for Ethernet ?
Sorry I’m very new to Qubes.

No need to apologise - every one is learning.
In the “Devices” pane of the Settings window, the Left Hand side shows
what is “Available” and the Right hand side shows what is “Selected” and
allocated to that qube.

I’m not familiar with that I219-LM, but a quick search suggests that
there may be problems with it in Linux.
If you have it on the Right (Selected), it may be worth trying a Debian
template for sys-net, to see if that will work.