No VM apps launch in i3 or dwm

I tried to switch to i3 to try it out, but I had this problem, so I compiled dwm and moved it to dom0 on a whim (and to try it) to see if I could fix the issue to no avail.

The issue:
dom0 works fine, all my hotkeys and autostart things seem to work. But when I try to run anything in any VM, it will appear to launch, with the message that it has been launched, then nothing happens. The VM stays on, but the app doesn’t come up. If I do it to a DispVM, the Qube Manager will show its state as “On” for a little bit before shutting down, indicating that it’s just the programs that can’t open, not the VMs.

I feel like this is a super easy problem and I’m just missing something in my autostart, but I don’t know what it is.

I have qui-clipboard, qui-devices, qui-disk-space, qui-domains, and qui-updates in my autostart. Is there something else I should add to that? Or is there something else I should be doing?

Thank you for your help

When I do qvm-run personal firefox it hangs. I get this in the guid.personal.log:

Icon size: 128x128
Icon size: 128x128
domain dead
Failed to connect to gui-agent


2022-11-24 17:17:39.512 qrexec-daemon[50181]: qrexec-daemon.c:1214:main: qrexec-agent has disconnected
domain dead
2022-11-24 17:17:56.529 qrexec-daemon[50181]: qrexec-daemon.c:1106:handle_agent_restart: cannot connect to qrexec agent: No such file or directory
2022-11-24 17:17:56.529 qrexec-daemon[50181]: qrexec-daemon.c:1216:main: Failed to reconnect to qrexec-agent, terminating

Here is the /var/log/xen/console/guest-personal.log

Add qvm-start-gui --all to the autostart.
I knew it was something with my autostart. I’ll restart and double check.

Not a solution. It doesn’t keep running. I have to run it every time. EDIT: it is a solution, you just have to reboot.