No visible mouse pointer for USB-passthrough

Due to the “no mouse grabbing possible in VM”, I connected a second mouse and moved that from sys-usb to a normal qube. The mouse is working fine there, but there is no mouse pointer rendered for it, so it’s working, but unusable.

I tried it on different VMs, based on different templates, always with the same result. When starting a live-CD in a new and empty HVM (with qvm-features that_vm stubdom-qrexec 1 before boot), forwarding works and the pointer is there.

I am at 80% to an usable setup with Qubes OS, which is awesome, considering, that I’m lurking since version 2.x, but it’s always the details… :slight_smile:

Partially similar topic, but no solution: Mouse Problems in Games

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! :wink:

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I did some digging and hit the following:

Could those positions be related to the problem?