No usb device

No matter which usb device i plug,it shows up on lsusb dom0 but not on device applet or the qvm-usb command

Im running the qubes on an external disk connected via usb.and a usb mouse plugged in.

You need sys-usb qube that is not installed by default since You have usb input device and drive. It is a good question will it work correctly with boot from USB device. When I add sys-usb in such configuration it stops to boot.

im running from a usb disk.and i have us mouse so i cannot use this.

If you have more than one USB controller, you should be able to create a separate sys-usb only for unused USB ports.

Mouse is not a problem, since there are added builtin workarounds for input devices. I’m using it in that mode and for most of the time it works.