No Update for Libre office?

I have been using Libre office 7.0 for many months and it has not updated yet. Any reason why there isnt an update for Libre Office? I am using it on Debian11 and Fedora35.

The latest available version for bullseye is 1:7.0.4-4: Debian -- Details of package libreoffice in bullseye

If you want to upgrade to 1:7.4.3-2 you’ll have to get the bookworm package: Debian -- Details of package libreoffice in bookworm

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Okay thanks.

Is it safe to install bookworm?

What do you mean safe?

Is there a security risk downloading bookworm.

Are you talking about downloading the debian bookworm template or the libreoffice package for debian bookworm?

In any case, you’d want to verify the signature with gpg for ultimate trust, or at least the digest for integrity. Define your threat model and go from there.

Bookworm is still “testing” - it contains more recent versions of
software but things will break and some things wont work (as yet) in
Qubes. Security support is less than that provided for stable, and
security updates get less testing.
Instead of installing bookworm you would do better to use backports -
this will give you libreoffice 7.4.3 in your standard bullseye template.

You can read about backports and how to use them here
Again, you should note the security risk in doing so.

Okay thanks