"No space left on device" while installing kali

Installing Kali Template (4.1) fills up dom0 storage while installing on a newly setup R4.1-rc1 install.

[user@dom0 ~] sudo qubes-dom0-update --enablerepo=qubes-templates-community-testing qubes-template-kali
Downloading 'qubes-template-kali-0:4.0.6-202106171816': 100%
installing template 'kali'...
cpio: write error: No space left on device.

Is this a bug or do I need to increase the dom0 storage pool? If so, how much?

There is a little bit of discussion about this issue here:

You would either have to build the qubes-template-kali-core or increase Dom0’s partition size.

I have made a little size comparision between kali-core (~4.5 GiB) and different other template flavours in November of last year:

If you should not be operating under very strict internet access conditions, I can really recommend kali-core as DispVM and just apt-get whatever you need in that specific situation.

As soon as you are using a more enriched template flavor, there is a lot of stuff included that you probably never need.

Additionally kali-core should be a little bit more stable on Qubes and accelerates the updating process significantly.

Thanks a lot for the pointers. I missed that thread!

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