No openvpn config file from VPN provider, just Debian CLI package. How to setup VPN Gateway?

I cannot pass the VPN connection from one of the free VPN companies through a VPN gateway (using the instructions from the documentation) because the VPN company does not provide openvpn config files to free users.

Access to their VPN is by installing some packages from the command line. I’ve been using the Debian 10 template.

Could anyone suggest a way (or some relevant search terms) to pass the free VPN through a VPN Gateway?

  • a normal internet connection passed through the gateway perfectly.

  • The free VPN actually passed through the VPN gateway to a downstream appVM perfectly, but only immediately after installing the free VPN. After restarting the VPN gateway the free VPN service was not acessible from the CLI of the VPN gateway.

New qubes user. It’s amazing. I never carried a laptop before but am now carrying a qubes laptop everywhere and plugging it into TVs and speakers. Just as a learning resource for the concepts surrounding linux and virtualization it’s a great project. Great work folks.

Sadly the instructions on the community docs are rather outdated…

I’m always skeptical of free VPNs, but that’s a discussion for a forum like

Given your VPN provider does not give you a .ovpn file that is necessary for installing it with the qubes-tunnel, you’ll have to install it via the .deb as you mentioned.

Installing a untrusted .deb can compromise your template. My suggestion would be for you to have a separate template or a StandaloneVM for making your “sys-vpn” for that exact reason.

I’ve made some instructions on installing stuff on Qubes from .deb files on StandaloneVMs (link bellow). The only difference would be that you’ll also need to tick the “provides network” when creating the qube.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Are you installing this deb package on AppVM / TemplateVM ? because AppVM will not persist installed software.

Try following this step, you should reuse it after restarting :

  1. Make a clone of debian template.
  2. Install deb package on the TemplateVM.
  3. Create an Sys-AppVM / Sys-DispVM based on that TemplateVM.
  4. Finally in App qubes* select the network to that Sys-AppVM / Sys-DispVM
  • : In case you want to make separate apps vm (like firefox, thunderbird) and sys vm (networking). otherwise you can start using after step 3.

Thank you both for the replies, they are really appreciated. I’ll report back.

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I was trying to install software on the VPN gateway, not realizing it wouldn’t persist. I’m still fundamentally not thinking in Qubes :slightly_smiling_face:

The two posts were very helpful getting it working. I was going to mark this as [solved] but can’t edit the title.

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Seems like you’ve figured it out already. You can mark posts as “solved” and that will do the trick. It also adds a link to the solution to your first post which makes it incredibly easy to find the solution. Otherwise one would have to navigate through the thread to dig it out.

Yes, got it now. I should have edited the post. Now onto the next step of the qubes journey :slightly_smiling_face:

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