No notification pops up

:wave: Hallo community,

:spiral_notepad: :no_entry_sign: I had some strugles with my Qubes and fixed it with the kindly help from @alzer89 (see Post#11082), but I got now the issue, that my notification service is not running, e.g. “Qubes running”, “Qubes stopping”, “Qubes halted”…

:tipping_hand_man: What should I do?

:sos: Could someone help me please.

:pray: Thank you very much

Take a deep breath, compose yourself, think logically, make a nice cup of tea or coffee, sit down and RT*M :grimacing:

This is not a life-threatening situation…

Once you’ve finished “R-ing T * M”, read this: :slight_smile:

My icons are sum-ups of my sentences. If these don’t effecting u, please ignore it.
:heart: @alzer89 thanks your your link to the other thread. It solved my x-treme issue. ;-D