No network on laptop with usb-c to RJ45 adapter

As described here:

Use sys-net qube for both networking and USB devices

has been activated upon install. However this fairly new MSI/AMD Laptop has no wire network connection thereafter. Please advice. Thank you.

Do you see your USB-Ethernet adapter in your sys-net-usb when you run this command in sys-net-usb?

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EDIT: yes, just found it in dom0.

I am not sure about sys-net-usb which I do not have, only sys-net cube.

Next step? E.g. from here. I am not sure how to conduct 2., though.

  1. did you find the right USB device in dom0?

  2. did you assignet one of the USB controller to your netVM?

  3. did you see the PCI device in your netVM? (netvm# lspci)

  4. did you see any USB device in your netVM? (netvm# lsusb)

Do you use USB keyboard?
It seems that you have one USB controller attached to your dom0. And you’re plugging your USB-Ethernet adapter in USB port that is connected to the USB controller attached to dom0.
Try to plug your adapter in different USB port.
And check Devices tab in Qube Settings for sys-net to see if there is any USB controllers attached to it at all.

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I use an USB mouse and have only one USB-C port. BUT

solved the problem by simply attaching it.