No more code error 43? (Nvidia GPU passthrough)

GeForce GPU Passthrough for Windows Virtual Machine (Beta)

Has anyone tried these new drivers on their Nvidia passthrough setups? Graphic cards prices are high at the moment, but if this removes the need of using my old AMD card with reset bug I’m buying first Kepler+ card I find on ebay.

Update from my own testing:
Got my hands on Quadro card with Kepler microarchitecture. Used same baseline Win10 VM without graphical drivers that works for AMD card passthrough, but no success. After passing the card, it does get recognized by VM, driver installation (465.89) goes without issues, but after the restart there is still code error 43. Card seems to reset on every VM startup so that doesn’t seem to be an issue, but I tried my usual full host reset method that works for AMD one, but error persists.

Have you looked at the event logs for any clues?

I’ve searched the web to find people who’ve had success with the new driver but I find little testing. Is your windows 10 updated? Perhaps the driver requires it.

Which Quadro card are you using? Some Quadro cards, like the Quadro 4000, shouldn’t have error 43 even with the old drivers (pre R465).
Source: [MOVED] Hacking NVidia Cards into their Professional Counterparts - Page 37
Reply #906 in the thread above says GPU passthrough is supported on all Tesla, Quadro and Grid cards except the cheap low end NVS models. Whatever that is.
The thread above is about modding GeForce GPUs to bypass code error 43. It has almost a thousand replies but this month has been fairly inactive since the new Nvidia drivers were announced on 03/30/2021. Could it be that people have had successes with the new drivers?