No longer getting forum by email

As title, I’m no longer getting forum emails.
My mail server has been reconfigured, but I would have expected mail
to be queued, rather than dropped completely.
Can someone give it a poke?

If this is policy, (to remove recipients completely if mail is
undeliverable, without queuing), it is bad practice.
Is this configurable in some way?

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@deeplow are you able to help @unman with this please?

First I thought he just wanted a poke in the thread but it seems he is not getting any emails anymore and for reasons can’t login to the forum to check his settings.


I wont be out of here for a few days more, so if this could be fixed for me it
would be appreciated.

It looks like your “bounce score” got too high because too many emails sent to your address bounced. So, I’ve just reset your bounce score back to zero.

In the log, I see a ton of emails that would have been sent to you were “skipped” with the reason Exceeded bounce_score_threshold.

I just sent you a test email from the system.

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Sorry, for the delay. I was out during the weekend. Thanks for solving it @adw.

I was looking for a way to resent those skipped emails, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do that. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do that easily. So you’ll have lost about a week’s worth of email. Sorry about that.


@adw, @deeplow, @Sven
Thank you for your efforts.
I am, if not back in the saddle, able to look at the horse.


Well, @deeplow now it happend to me. :frowning: What are the chances?

I got this Dec 1, 1:28 PM (5 days ago) via DM (but not via mail):

The only issue with my mail service was:

Mail delivery
28 Nov 2022 16:43:23 UTC (1 week ago)
Some customers are seeing delays of up to 45 minutes due
to unusually high amounts of incoming mail. We’re looking into it.

However, forum emails kept being delivered until 12/1/22, 19:24 +0000 (approx. same time as the DM).

Adding a secondary email address on an entirely different infrastructure (Apple iCloud) equally doesn’t work – not even the verification email. So it appears I cannot do anything to fix this myself.

Well, I got this one by email… and another one. Whoever made it work: Thank you!

email users wont get such notifications (obviously)
I don’t know what the bounce score is set at.

Postfix default is to give up on delivery after 5 days.
Can the bounce score be set at some multiple of the average daily email

@Sven, I just reset your bounce score back to zero.

Here are the current settings:

bounce score threshold 
Max bounce score before we will stop emailing a user.

soft bounce score 
Bounce score added to the user when a temporary bounce happens.

hard bounce score 
Bounce score added to the user when a permanent bounce happens.

reset bounce score after days 
Automatically reset bounce score after X days.

I’ve increased bounce score threshold to 10. Let me know if you have better suggested values for any of these.

Unfortunately, I don’t see an option for that.

Obviously we need some kind of limit to avoid impact on the forum software / server load – no question. But it might make sense to have these be a bit more realistic.

Due to maintenance, DDoS attacks or ISP issues it is conceivable that a mail server won’t be reachable for several hours (let’s say 2-3). During that time it is also conceivable that one or more lively discussion on the forum happen with 20-30 posts/hour.

So the bounce score should be >100 before people get cut off. Also this should reset after 1-3 days and not after a month.

Sounds good. I’ve updated the bounce score threshold to 200 and the reset interval to 1 day.

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Thank you!

Black Friday pokes!