No dom0 kernel image specified

After following the UEFI troubleshooting instructions, the disk with Qubes OS is listed as a bootable device. However, upon choosing this option two lines of text flash rapidly. I could make out the contents of only one of them, which stated that: “No Dom0 kernel image specified.” After this very short occurrence, I’m back at the screen with boot options, and choosing Qubes OS again results in the aforementioned event.

Can you link the UEFI troubleshooting instructions that you followed. And which Qubes OS version do you have?

The version is 4.1.2, and here are the instructions: UEFI troubleshooting | Qubes OS.

This instruction is for Qubes OS 4.0 and it’s outdated right now.
The up do date instruction is this one:

Also check this one as well:

Thank you very much.