No disk space after resize

I have the following problem. I have a work qube which is based on the fedora-work-template.
When I wanted to install torch (pip install torch), it gave the error that no more disk space is available. I went to the settings of the qube and changed it to 50GB.
Somehow afterwards when I closed the qube, I couldn’t open it anymore because it cannot connect to the qrexec agent for 60 seconds. I changed the the limit here to 600 seconds and it opens after a while, but the problem is it takes around 2 minutes every time I start the qube. How can I resolve that?
The fedora-work-template has the same issue. I tried to increase it there too because I thought that might be the issue but it didn’t help.
The system storage max size was increased to 32.6GB after I did qvm-volume extend fedora-work-template 35GB.
Any help is appreciated.
Edit: When I open the file manager of the work qube, it says it still has 27GB free space.

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Check the sudo journalctl -b log to see where is it stuck.
Or run this command to generate the image of services start time and check which service is causing this issue:

sudo systemd-analyze plot > startup_order.svg

Open startup_order.svg in image viewer or in browser.


Cool stuff, thank you.

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