No Connection from Firewall

When I connect a Qube called InternetQube to the Firewall Qube, sys-firewall, I can’t get any connection. I am not sure why.

I have a wireguard qube “sys-wireguard” before the firewall.

I also can’t get a connection if I connect the InternetQube directly to “sys-wireguard”

sys-wireguard whitelists only certain IPs, but the wireguard connection should send everything to those IPs

When I connect another network Qube “sys-openvpn” to sys-firewall which connects to sys-wireguard (which connects to sys-net), if I then connect InternetQube to sys-openvpn and connect to an openvpn address, then I can use InternetQube.

None of this makes sense to me. sys-wireguard should connect through UDP through my sys-net. The sys-firewall that is there is mostly so I can pause the firewall to stop all connections if I want and I can route everything to sys-firewall. I should be able to connect to sys-firewall and open up a webpage. But I can’t.

What is going on?

does not work but

What does " I can’t get any connection." mean? No ping, name resolution, …?
The firewallVM (and others except openvpnVM) have the same config?
What IPs are whitelisted in case of Wireguard? Just the ones for OpenVPN …?