No Audio Output Devices Detected in PulseAudio Volume Control

Computer: Acer Nitro 5_AN515-52
CPU: Intel i5-8300H
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050

I’m new to QubesOS and I don’t think the audio works on my side.
I don’t think my “Audio Controller” is detected in PulseAudio Volume Control.
The only output device listed in PulseAudio Volume Control is “Dummy Output”
Many said that I should have some kind of vm named “sys-audio” but I don’t think I’m that advanced yet, because I’m just starting out in Linux.

Does the audio device appear as a connectable USB device?

The microphone should normally line up that way, but could happen to the output too I guess, depending on hardware.

Also, from what Qube are you checking the audio controller? Dom0 itself, or another Qube?

I think I’m checking it in DOM0 itself.
Also can I know how to check if the audio device appear as a connectable USB device ?

Anyways thank you for your reply

I just clicked on the Speaker icon on the top right corner and select “Audio mixer…” > “Output devices” and there’s only “Dummy Output”

I am confused. Is your audio device USB or not?
Give us lspci in dom0.