No audio coming out of whonix

I have fully updated dom0. I completely deleted and reinstalled a fresh copy of whonix, fully updated both templates, systemcheck showed all green on both AppVMs. However, when playing any audio, nothing happens. VLC shows this error when trying to play anything:

Audio output failed:
The audio device "default" could not be used:
No such file or directory

Not sure what troubleshooting steps to take here. Any help is appreciated.

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Try restarting your computer.

This persists across reboots and the machine has a fresh install of Qubes entirely. Not sure how much cleaner I can get here. (Edit: I forgot I only tested it on this one laptop, not 2).

Also it’s worth noting that audio works in other VMs.

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Could this help: Whonix workstation no sound - Support - Whonix Forum?
EDIT: Also note the links at the end of the topic.
EDIT2: I am dumb, those things might only work for normal vms, still might be worth a try?

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This person seems to have had the same issue: No Audio In Whonix-WS-16
Did you enable the testing repo?
If you go to a browser and watch a video there, does the speed of the video (and the video in general) display correctly?

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This workaround fixes the issue, thank you.

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