No Apps in VMs after restore from backup

I restored my backup, everything run well.
But I see no apps in the VMs.
So I think dom0 doesn’t know about all the new apps in the VMs.
How can I manage it?


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As per article you can try to refresh app list in VM.

Refresh the Applications list for the app qube. In the Qubes Menu for the app qube* launch the Qube Settings. Then go to the Applications tab and click “Refresh Applications”

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sorry, just forgot the feature! :smiley:

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If you customize Qubes OS enough, you will have to use it so often you can’t possibly forget it.


thats the point, the last new install was loooong time ago :smiley:


Also, make sure your templates actually have the required programs installed. If they’re fresh templates on a new installation, they won’t automatically have any programs you installed in the templates on your old installation at the time you created the backup.


This can also be done in dom0 terminal using qvm-sync-appmenus, if you ever need to use it in a script.

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