No amdgpu drivers for 6800xt?


I have a ryzen 9 5900x cpu, 64gb ram and an amd 6800xt gpu desktop with nvme disks
Installed 4.1 fresh install (had to use nomodeset to boot the usb installer) 5.10 k rnel

Yet when I log in it’s extremely laggy, a few fps for moving the mouse & dragging a terminal window.
It looks like the amdgpu drivers aren’t working?

So I updated to 5.15 using the unstable repo and latest kernel
Still the same issue

When I run the update now it points to a 5.16 kernel, loads the firewall vm to download it, but when it comes to installing it says “5.15 already installed”
Which is weird b/c it’s clearly saying it’s d/l 5.16

Any tips on how to force it to install 5.16 or how to fix the gpu working properly?

Lspci | grep -iname “vga” shows the 6800xt