No adjust of display brightness after fresh install ob Qubes 4.1


I backuped my system and restored it in Qubes 4.1, so far, so good.
But I can not adjust display brightness. It just shows no effect.

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Do somebody has an idea here?
Full brightness at night is VERY creepy :grimacing:

The problem has something to do with the Nvidia-Optimus-Mode. If i start the Laptop in this mode (just as always, also in Qubes 4.0), I can not adjust the brightness. If i change it in bios to internal grafic card, it works. BUT if I restart the laptop it changes automatically to Nvidia-Optimus. So I must every time go to bios when I (re)start the Laptop and set internal card.

Somebody an idea?

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Perhaps you could search on Fedora forums, since Qubes dom0 uses Fedora-32.

hmm… ok, so you mean, it’s not a special Qubes problem.