No ability to express?

You could just like the post you agree with, instead of posting an empty comment to the discussion.


We are trying to keep the forum useful for those who read it. We are trying to save their time. Posts like

Exactly what I was thinking!

are not helping this and clutter the discussions. There is nothing bad with liking a comment. Posts are used to introduce new information.



This is not what I said. Agreeing is very useful. But you can show it in a more concise way, by the like.

You opinions are also needed.

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While this may be the ideal as outlined in the CoC and guidelines, it’s been my experience that in actuality it’s implemented haphazardly at best. “We are trying to desperately conform to political correctness where everyone we want to feel is right, all of the time; feels as such.” is more like it.

IE: Librewolf update key differs from repo key? - #6 by tanky0u

Nothing is ever perfect. It doesn’t mean we should not try to improve things.

By the way, I flagged the post you linked for the moderator’s action.

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I think you’re missing the point. It’s not about how useful is agreeing, it’s about how you demonstrate it. And in the spirit of conciseness, a “like” shows exactly that.

The following is a quote from FAQ - Qubes OS Forum

Rather than posting “+1” or “Agreed”, use the Like button.



Well, to me it is obvious that my ignorance on the subject is the reason for this. I apologize to all of you.

I also immediately contacted the user regarding this post in order to keep as friendly atmosphere as possible.

NOP stop!
Guys this is why I am here.
Use the person we got you to help and stop typing.
I will explain call me after meeting.
Plz. Don’t ban him I will manage this.

AFAIK nobody was planning to ban anyone. We are just explaining the rules of this forum to the new user(s). I am not even a moderator.

The community decided that the rules should be like this, and it has been working very well here.

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