Newly installed template doesn't show up in list


I recently installed the Fedora-34-Template as described in the documentation.

The installation seemed to work. But now the template doesn’t show up anywhere. So I can’t create a new qube with Fedora 34 as a template or change the template of a existing qube into fedora 34.

Can somebody help me with this? Is there a way to check if it was installed properly?


In dom0, if you type

qvm-template list

Do you see the template you attempted to install under “Installed Templates”?

Thanks for your help! For some reason, this command doesn’t work (bash: qvm-template: command not found).

qvm-ls works, but then Fedora-34 doesn’t show up in the list. Did I forget something in the installation? Maybe I should uninstall the template again and re-install it


You need to execute the command in dom0.

I think I executed in dom0 already. You are refering to the terminal? Or do you mean with “in dom0” something more specific? I executed it in the same terminal, where I executed sudo qubes-dom0-update qubes-template-fedora-34 to install the template

if qvm-ls showed other templates and just not the one you installed, I would guess the template did not install correctly.

Also IIRC the templates are stored in


so I would check that file location in dom0 and see what templates are there

My guess is you will have to try to reinstall that template and look for any errors.