Newest Testing Update - Kernel 5.10 crashed sys-net/firewall

I updated my 4.1 from the current testing repo, and it installed the latest kernel 5.10x. But now sys-net, sys-firewall don’t start anymore. I have to select an older kernel before booting to get a working system. Is it possible to downgrade the kernel and install the current stable again or to get it working with kernel 5.10 will be even better;) Because it is a bit annoying always to select the old kernel at booting

Okay how to change the default kernel for booting I found in the doc and it is working .Now I am using 5.4.9-0 like before and it is working again until there will be a fix how to run sys-net at the new kernel

Here is how to save the kernel at boot

sudo nano /etc/default/grub
[update the following two lines, add if needed]
[save and exit nano]
sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

thank you

Hi @rasta ,

Is this help you ?

Edit: /boot/efi/EFI/qubes/xen.cfg or dnf downgrade.

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It is okay like it is now. I am starting via advanced configuration in grub boot menu, and with the settings I posted at the end of the 1st post it automatically boots the last selected kernel. Kernel 5.10 is booting, just and sys-firewall will not start and so I won*t have network, but I think there will be a fix soon, because it was a test in the latest testing repo and would be good to run qubes with kernel 5.10 to support more drivers like a graphic driver for nvidia and else. But ur definitely right and I never will change anything at the kernel if my system is running, but it is a testing system and I enabled the testing repo, so I it wasn’t really my intention to update the kernel, but it is no problem ,cause my main system is running. It just will be nice to fix . :slight_smile:
stay healthy:)

Yesterday there was an update in the testing repo with the kernel-header files and some more and today one for gnome-deskop-3 and else, but unfortunately there was not a fix for me and sys-net and sys-firewall don’t start. I have to say that both vm are dispvm ,created at the beginning of the installation .

So after the newest kernel-header updates it is working like before and just my wireless card is ndetected. sometimes it shows me the wired connection in the network tray icon and I can click at it, but it will become black and looks like it is working but after a minute it says,that not connected to the network … How do I get my ethernet network working again? I don’t like to work with wifi network…
tank you very much. I really hope to fix that soon. that is a bit annoying with the itme;)