Newbie Tutorial(s)?


I just installed Qubes-OS 4.1.0. Are there any step-by-step tutorials out in how to actually use the OS? I’m running an ASUS H81m-a motherboard whose BIOS supports all the virtualization requirements. The OS starts up okay. But, getting a VM running with an ethernet connection is not particularly intuitive. Help appreciated.


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I’m afraid the Qubes documentation is the only source to learn with and yes, you always can ask questions here.

  • So first is to connect the qubes together in the Qubes manager, so you’re getting internet for every qube you want. Means: sys-net is the qube which handles the internet, followed by sys-firewall (which is getting internet through it’s netVM called sys-net), followed by personal [/work/sys-whonix/mostly all other qubes except anon-whonix, templates and vault] (which is getting internet through it’s netVM called sys-firewall).
  • anon-whonix has sys-whonix as it’s netVM for Tor net & vault don’t have any netVM, like all the templateVMs

So the two main examples for this are:

INTERNET > sys-net > sys-firewall > [a vpn qube] > personal (/work /bank /standalone qubes like Windows10/11)
TOR NET > sys-net > sys-firewall > sys-whonix > anon-whonix

  • updates always with the Qubes Updater tool under Start > Qubes > Qubes Updater
  • installs of newly tools/apps and programs always via terminal commands (sudo apt-get install… for Debian based templates & sudo dnf install… for Fedora-based templates) in templateVMs
  • in the default installation, you can use your qubes (personal/work/bank/anon-whonix) on basis of three underlying templates → one for Debian, another for Fedora and the third for whonix(-ws) - it depends on you which distros you’re more familiar with. Whonix is set for all tor-related. Debian is the distro for much tools with older date, but stable. Fedora is the distro for much newly created and updated stuff, which mostly just had a shorter testing time, which seems to be stable in most of the cases.
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Check out the Qubes Community Documentation - It covers some topics you may be interested in. Please note that these tutorials are made by Qubes community memebers and not by Qubes.

Also in regards to the ethernet issue, there was a thread posted a few days ago that explains how to fix this in some cases Qualcomm Atheros Killer E220x -no wired network Qubes-kernel 5.10+ - #20 by Cpotts.

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Come on guys! I’d really like to use this OS. I’ve been a Linux user since 2010. I get around fairly well in terminal.

BUT, tell me, please. What’s my first step with a brand new install to enable networking ?


Come on guy! Is it so hard to read a few posts? Did you try the fix @Cpotts suggested in this thread?

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…and if it really is hard to understand, you always can drop me a line on Reddit, Element/Matrix and here. It wouldn’t be a course - more a Question <–> Answer thing…

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