Newbie q: Re: volatile sys-usb on install

I recently re-installed Qubes. This time I selected “volatile sys-usb” option on install.

I presumed this meant that sys-usb would be a disposable VM.

I don’t know if I did something wrong, but now I don’t see any sys-usb.

When I attach drives, I can see the drives using the devices applet. But when I attach other peripherals like a mouse or keyboard, they don’t show in the devices tab, yet they seem to work.

Question 1:
Did I create a security hole? It seems these devices are connecting to dom0.

Question 2:
How would I attach a device to a qube that doesn’t show in the devices applet ?

Question 3:
Why wasn’t there a sys-usb created after the install? Do I need to create one now?


Did you have any USB device attached to computer while installing Qubes (beside installation medium)? Did you follow all the messages along the way? Which guide you were following when installing?

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I might have.

Do I need to re-install?

I was following the prompts during install. I didn’t use a guide. Perhaps I should have.

I couldn’t say, but since you didn’t follow any guide that might be a good idea which would save you time and nerves.

But again, we don’t know anything about your computer and if your internal keyboard is on a USB controller as well, or how many controller you have, etc…

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