New XPS 15 9500

Hey guys wanted to ask if anyone has experienced setting up qubes on the new xps 15 9500 and how it runs on it? Battery life, if something will not work and if you would reccomend it. doesn’t show a 9500 but it does show 9530,
9550, 9560 and 9570… maybe you mean 9500 as a series?

In any case if you click the name of the reporter in each entry you’ll
get to the email/post they used to submit the report. You could replay
there to ask for more details.

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Confusingly, the newest in the series is currently referred to as the 9500…

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yep, thats the problem i have with it aswell

Thanks for your reply. Theese are all older versions of the xps 15. The newest one which came out in may is the 9500 and it isnt listed thats why i was asking in here.

Has anyone installed Qubes OS on XPS 15 9500? I tried and failed.