New Xen 4.18.0 released 11/20/23

I just noticed the testing Qubes R2.0-rc5 is running the older Xen 4.17.2 and not the latest that was just released two weeks ago.

I realize the new Xen version still has some bugs they have to work out, but will we see the new Xen version in the new Qubes version?

The reason I ask, to better understand and support Qubes, I’ve built a test pc and will install the latest native xen project (url) on it, will start with this guide here (url). Should I install the latest 4.18? or just stick with 4.17.2 for now.


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I don’t remember Qubes OS ever upgrading Xen to a new minor version within the same Qubes OS release minor version (although it was considered once for R3.2 - IIRC because some of the Meltdown/Spectre mitigations were difficult to backport), so I’d assume that R4.2.* is going to stay with the Xen 4.17.* series.


Yeah I kind of figured that, makes sense, just wanted to check anyways.

Thanks, good to know.