New user/wrong settings/no wifi

I’ve been enjoying using Qubes OS for a couple of weeks now but have a few issues.

  1. I had wifi the first day but not after that. On a second drive on my laptop I have win 10 and the wifi is working. When I followed a troubleshooting guide sudo lspci -v, I found Kernel driver in use: iwlwifi also kernel modules: iwlwifi. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. On the qubeApps I created, the Name & Label and the name of the template were greyed out. Could this be the result of incorrect settings?
  3. Should I have to install my printer in both Deb11 and Fedora or is there one place in Qubes to do this that works for both templates?

Is sys-net disposable or not? Is it based on debian or fedora? If you don’t know, please check with the following command in dom0 and report back the result:

qvm-prefs sys-net template

Shut down the VM before changing its name and labels.

You only need to install it in the template which is used to create the VM from which you are printing.

Note: different topics go into different threads.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your help.
Re: Wifi The sys-net is not disposable and it is based on Fedora36

Re: Name and Label It is greyed out and cannot be accessed despite the Qube being shutdown. The Qube is based on Debian 11, Net-vm is sys-firewall. The default DispVm is Fedora -36-dvm


Sorry, just noticed your comment re: different threads

Perhaphs you added some configurations that might’ve broken something. We can try to recreate it and see if the issue persists in a new vm (I’ll separate the commands so they can be understood more easily):

$ qvm-create -l red -t fedora-36 sys-net-test
$ qvm-prefs sys-net-test netvm None
$ qvm-prefs sys-net-test maxmem 0
$ qvm-prefs sys-net-test mem 800
$ qvm-prefs sys-net-test provides_network True
$ qvm-prefs sys-net-test virt_mode hvm

Then shutdown sys-net if it’s running because we need to use the pci device.

$ qvm-shutdown --wait sys-net
$ controller_id=$(qvm-pci ls sys-net | grep dom0 | awk '{print $1}')
$ qvm-pci detach sys-net $controller_id
$ qvm-pci attach -v --persistent --option no-strict-reset=True sys-net-test $controller_id

Note that in the last command we use sys-net-test instead of sys-net.

Then start sys-net-test and check if you can connect to wifi.

This should give us an idea on how to proceed next.

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Do I enter these commands in the sys-net terminal?

All in dom0.

I typed in the first command and got: error: unrecognized arguments: sys-net-test

You might’ve mistyped something, the command works. Make sure you type everything.

I’m confused. When you say type everything, do you mean exactly as you have given? Is it one command or 6 commands? Do I hit the enter key once at the very end of typing all 6, one after the other, or at the end of every line you have given me.

At the end of the first line I get the error message: qvm-create: error: unrecognized arguments: red sys-net-test I double checked…no typos.

Each individual command is shown with the $ prompt in front of it (don’t type the $ but do type the rest of the line). And yes it’s individual commands, six in the first quote and four in the second, one command per line.

Same thing after typing first line and “enter”
qvm-create: error:unrecognized arguments: red sys-net-test

The commands are not working, thanks for your help…really appreciate it!!! It is not a big problem for me to use ethernet when I work with Qubes OS. If I need to use wifi I can go to Win 10 on another drive.
Thanks again!

I re-installed Qubes OS and the wifi is working and has been for several days. My settings must have been all screwed up. Thanks for your help.